Editorial: Customers win as supermarkets shop big in city

THE city could be on its way to securing its sixth supermarket giant – and it’s welcomed news for our hip pockets. 

The supermarket giant wars are well-documented in national media. 

But with Aldi unveiling plans for a new store in Tamworth, it’s likely to ignite great debate at a local level. 

The company submitted a $5.39m development application to Tamworth Regional Council last week after purchasing the old Masters site off Scott Road.

While it remains unclear whether the development will mean a second Aldi store for the city or just a larger one under plans to relocate from its current Centrepoint site, there is no denying it will be a win for customers.

In Tamworth alone, there are already three Coles supermarkets, two Woolworths stores and one Aldi, not to mention three smaller IGAs.

Having so many supermarkets in one place inevitably creates competition. 

And for us, that means cheaper prices.

With more stores and chains comes greater choice. 

As the supermarket giants jostle for feet through the door, there is one sure way to win us over – make prices cheaper than their competition.

Sure, the development will draw the ire of some residents who may argue it will cause an over-saturation of the market.

But increased competition is undoubtedly a win for customers wanting to tighten their belts. 

It is also a win for the local economy, with the new store set to give 20 locals a job, whether it’s full-time or part-time. 

The development application details plans for a 1727-square-metre store and a 103-space car park.

A development of this scale, as mayor Col Murray puts it, is a vote of confidence in the growth of the market in Tamworth.

Aldi is generally a cheaper alternative to the traditional Coles and Woolworths, and is already a popular choice when it comes grocery shopping in Tamworth.

It’d be safe to say a second Aldi or a larger standalone one will be well-supported in Tamworth. Cr Murray expects traffic matters to be an issue, like with any major development.

But we should welcome it, especially with the city’s projected growth in the coming years. So at the top of our shopping lists, we should expect cheaper groceries.