Web words: February 16

First girl in 72 years. Tamworth's Lobsey family finally got to break out the pink balloons for Isabella Rose

Congratulations grandparents Jude and Ross! What an exciting time with the arrival of beautiful little Isabella. 

Jennifer Quilty 

Awesome news Lobsey family! I must say that all of the Lobsey boys are just wonderful people. This little Lady Lobsey is one lucky girl to be part of such a great family! Congratulations xx

Ambs WK 

With 5 sons and 6 grandsons, I wonder if ill even get a little granddaughter. I do have 2 girls, but we're a bit out numbered lol

Robyn Hamilton Matthews 

Thrilled to see you have a 'little pinkie' Jude & Ross .. beautiful! Another wee Olympian I'm sure! Jxx

Judy Gilbert 

Nice to see a good news story, so sick of all the crime and violence happening around Tamworth at the moment.

Jules Rowe-Smith 

Well done! My son is the first boy on our family for 138 years.

Alex Martin 

It's been 111 years since a son was born in my mums family.​

Justin Cant 

Aww that’s awesome little girls are so precious, I only have 1 daughter and 4 sons and shes a treasure, Congrats.​

Sandy Strud 

THE Department of Education has announced the CAPERS talent concert in Tamworth this year would not go ahead

It is a shame. My daughter has been a part of a number of these and had the best time. It is a great way to show of our youths talent in the region.

​Joanne Luxford-Cox 

2 of my 3 children were really looking forward to doing it this year. They didn't do it last year cos it was the first time since moving up here and they didn't know what to expect. Why isn't it going ahead this year??

​Kellz Bellz