How do we sell Tamworth as a great place to live?

How do we sell our region?

Maybe when the APVMA moves to Armidale Tamworth can employ their spouses and family members (apparently availability of work for family is a major concern for APVMA staff). Can I suggest that Messrs Joyce, Anderson & Marshall start planning for this now and look at an hourly commuter rail service between Tamworth & Armidale. This would also more easily facilitate Tamworth students attending UNE without having to move away. In the future the rail service could be upgraded to anyone of the new mass transit technologies being developed. 

Imagine being in Armidale in 6 minutes or Sydney in less than half an hour using Elon Musk's Hyperloop system.

Henry Curtmantle


I moved to Tamworth from Sydney for 6 years, tertiary educated in a professional job in town, why did I leave? There is not much to do in Tamworth on the weekends, you have to pay to use Chaffy dam even though we paid rates for 2 houses which FYI are more than the house in Sydney.

Almost everything is closed on Sundays and Sunday afternoon it is a ghost town. Tamworth needs a university badly if it wants to compete with the likes of Bathurst or Orange, unfortunately there is not much going for the town when you compare it to the other large regional centers unless you are into the equine events.

Tamworth does offer a great opportunity for young people and houses are priced well below what they should be but its 5 hours from Sydney, has bad transportation back to Sydney (flights are $300 plus on Friday nights and $300 plus on Monday mornings) the train leaves at stupid times based on who? retirees who have spare time or the unemployed (10am with 4pm arrival in Sydney).

How about a Friday 5pm train, first stop Newcastle 8pm Sydney 10pm and one back Sunday night for those who actually work during the day.

Sorry but if I was going to move back regionally Tamworth would not be on the list. Bathurst or Orange would be as they have a vibrant night life, wineries, national parks and are an easy commute from Sydney and have many many more things to do.

James Tebatt


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