What are people thinking when they trash donation bins? It's the question we're all asking.

No more donation bins, that's the decision from the Armidale Salvation Army.

All because of a few inconsiderate mongrels this service is going to miss out on extra donations. Some people just need to realise that the world does not revolve around them

Geoff Stone

What in god's name is wrong with these people?! 

I used the salvos and vinnies to get myself established when I was a student fresh out of home. Literally Saved me hundreds of dollars. 

Now that I'm in a better position I've donated several items of clothes, furniture and the like in return so someone else can get help in their time of need. 

Trash charity organisations and they will simply close their doors and considering all the good work they do for the community - wishing tree, food banks and counselling that would be absolutely horrendous for the district.

Luke Cutler-Chaffey

Mongrels who does that seriously. I would change the way it operates something like only available during store opening times a couple days a week, that way it can be watched by staff. Place bins around town like at a police station or somewhere that has people always around. It shouldn't have to be like that but unfortunately there is way to much disrespect these days.

Mandy Moo 

Getting rid of the bins won't help. I've seen people dumping their junk on the footpath out the front of the store.

Alicia Grant 

There will be a massive lack of donations due to people that can't drop during business hours

Tara Powell 

Some people make me sick. What a damn disgrace. Salvation Army does a damn great job helping those in need. Now due to inconsiderate people there donations are probably going 2 drop dramatically because of it.  😡

Sally Bonarius 


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