Volunteers feel brunt of heartless dumpers | Editorial

A CALLOUS move by a lazy minority has spoiled it for the greater majority – including those in their darkest hour. 

The Salvation Army has made the bold decision to remove their donation bins in Armidale after a spate of dumping and vandalism over the past six months. 

Mountains of stained mattresses, torn fly screens, bins and bags of rubbish that can’t be salvaged have piled up around the bins over the festive season. 

Not only is it an eyesore and a careless act from locals too lazy or tight to use the local garbage tip, but there is a huge safety issue that looms. 

One volunteer, while cleaning up the mess, picked up a baby bath that was filled with urine.

Other vandals have even defecated inside the donations. 

These volunteers give up their time to help others.

The last thing they deserve is a slap in the face delivered by lazy dumpers. 

Vandals have also thrown fuel to the fire by setting the rubbish alight and burning new signs on the front of the bins in the process. 

Again, it was the volunteers feeling the brunt of the heartless attack. The Armidale Salvation Army organisation had to cough up more than $1000 to clean up after the fire.

Not only is that unfair, but it has left a huge hole in the services the charity provides.

Salvation Army captain Dale Murray said that money could have provided 20 local families in need with food hampers. 

Removing the donation bins is an extreme decision, but with what other option were they left with? 

It is a sad and damning reflection on our society that a charity there to help people in need in our own backyard is heartlessly targeted.

Donations from the public keeps the charity ticking – but volunteers should not have to spend hours of their own time cleaning up the mess of others.

The bins will now be located inside the premises and donations will only be accepted during business hours. 

It’s only fair that we continue throwing our support behind this charity that so generously helps others. We can only hope this senseless act of dumping ceases and that locals bin their rubbish appropriately. 

Volunteers deserve a slap on the back – not in the face with a bath full of urine.