The push for an aquatic centre in Tamworth, and politicians age of entitlement - your letters to the Editor.

Open letter to TRC Mayor – on the push for an indoor aquatic centre for Tamworth

Dear Mr Mayor,

My name is Mikaela and I am 13 years of age and have been fortunate enough to represent Tamworth and NSW at National Swimming events. I have been even more fortunate along the way to win gold, break state times and hold national records. I have also been the recipient of Councils Junior Sports Star of the Year for 2014 & 2016. 

The thing is that you keep telling us that you can stay local and do what ever you dream of. Not true. 

For me to achieve my sporting dreams I need to train in the same type of facility that my Metropolitan team mates have the luxury of, 24/7 - not a half court version.

When I represent Tamworth internationally I will promise to acknowledge that TRC helped me do that. 

Now wouldn't that be cool.

Mikky Short 


The age of entitlement

The age of entitlement was supposedly over - if we wind the clock back to the previous Treasurer Joe Hockey - yet we continue to see our politicians apparently abusing a system that is intentionally complex.

It is clear that those who are already ingrained in this system will continue to use and abuse it. 

Joe Hockey an example himself, receiving pension payments, claiming child care fees and also receiving a massive salary. 

Then there is Bronwyn Bishop and the chopper debarcle and now our Health Minister Susan Ley apparently taking her electorate for fools. 

It beggars belief that our political class think it is appropriate to use the system for their own personal benefit, while telling their electors that "the age of entitlement is over", to quote Mr Hockey. 

All this while we see aged pensions under further scrutiny and a Centrelink debt recovery process that would not be tolerated in any real business.

This from our HEALTH MINISTER, who's portfolio is one that should be setting the standard for the social fabric of our government.

There is a clear solution to this ongoing issue; make the system clear, simple and transparent - expenses should be submitted to treasury for approval through a formal budget process and the information available to the public.

The current political group must reform the parliamentary payments system immediately, to be in line with the rest of society. 

Chris Buckman


Assisted suicide conscience vote 

Victorian state MPs may soon participate in a “conscience vote” about legalising euthanasia by doctor-assisted suicide. 

What do these people think “conscience” means? For most it seems to mean “what I feel comfortable with”. Being comfortable is a feeling — not the same as using one’s intelligence or willing good to another person.

If you’re uncomfortable witnessing somebody in a weakened or undignified state or having to bear incompletely-controlled pain, there’s a simple, only-too-obvious solution — kill that person or help him/her suicide.

Less convenient is the alternative — the attention to detail of good nursing and medication-dosage plus one-to-one spiritual support in facing the lonely truth of the situation.

Traditionally “conscience” means putting into practice what is one’s best understanding of Moral Truth — seeking the best possible fulfilment of the person of the sufferer, given the present situation. 

Why? Because we love that person. By contrast, killing is a cop-out.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point


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