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A former Gunnedah mayor has thrown his support behind the reduction of the daylight saving period – an issue that just won’t go away.

I think Councils should worry about the core of local government and leave the real decisions to those that were elected to Govern the state. Remember the big three Rates Roads and Rubbish, when they have those in order then can dream of other things.

Shawn Cain

Shorten it please 6 mths is too long. We get up in the dark in winter we do not need to do that in Oct & March as well. Way too long.

Janet Jamieson 

Nope, prefer daylight savings, at least we don't get woken up with the sun in our eyes and have extra daylight hours to play with the children!

Kirra Rogers 

IF we have to have it, I would prefer it reversed, have the extra hour in the morning, in the cooler hours. If you don't wish to utilise the daylight, just close the binds.

Cynthia Murray 

Six months is excessive – And makes the difference more noticeable when you do switch especially in Armidale seems like it gets dark ridiculously early that first week when normal time kicks in

Luke Cutler-Chaffey

Queersland has got it right NO daylight saving get rid of it completely. Laugh at some of pros for it : more time to mow my lawn more time to play with kids,walk my dog of an evening PLEASE you can still do this without it. NO to DLS for me

Glen Croucher 

Love dls - I travel nearly an hour and a half (a lot less than some Sydney-siders) to work and home from work and to be able to walk my dogs of an evening or mow the lawn, enjoy my garden, etc is great. In addition I love watching the sun come up during my drive to work  😊

Paula Raat

Love it, it cools down enough in the the evening to get out and do the things you need to do while still light! I'm down feeding my horses at 8pm, so much cooler! I'd hate to see it go!

Sherree Molles


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