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Should learn-to-swim classes be mandatory for primary school children?

I believe all children should learn how to swim, but it needs to start before they start school. I can understand why so many children don't know how to swim when it is getting so expensive to take your kids to the pool never mind paying for the lessons on top. Councils need to make public pools more affordable for every family. Lower pool fees would encourage more families to take their kids to the pool.

Donna Forrester 

Learn to swim classes were mandatory when I was in primary school. Why are they not still mandatory? I paid $30 each child last year for 10 days only. This should be made mandatory again. Gina Byrne 

Just a heads up! You are the parent, parent them. If you cannot do it don't have children. Schools are there to educate your child not teach them to swim, tie their shoelaces, how to blow their nose or use manners. People need to stop relying on everyone else to parent their child.

Renae Sharples 

I think schools are struggling to teach children basic reading & maths without the added pressure of learning to swim. Swimming is a life skill and should be started from as early as 6 months old. Believe me when you have had a drowning in the family you understand the benefits far out way the costs of lessons.

Amanda Clark 

Yes and council should allow people to teach children to swim at the pools not just with council based swim teachers, but other teachers that are certified to teach swimming and need to use the "public" pool

Sheri Ellerbrock Ware

I think they need to start before primary school. My older son could swim 25m by age 4 and my 2.5yo has been doing swimming lessons for a year now. Majority of child drownings are less than primary school age. I pay roughly $150 a term, but it's worth it!!

Sherree Molles

Yes each parent should make sure their children can swim, the TCC held free swimming lessons many years ago and primary schools taught children to swim as well

Gaye Edmonds 


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