Structure, length and fertility

Maryland White Suffolks, Wollun, was founded by Angus Burnell in 2007 on ewes purchased from Tandara and Farrer studs.

Both of these studs being highly recognised within the breed, this meant that we were able to start with a strong genetic base for our stud, Mr Burnell said.

“We have been looking to produce well structured, long bodied and fertile sheep which are easy care and easy lambing and produce commercially profitable progeny.

“As a member of Lamplan and through the use of objective measurement we are working to produce sheep that are long, lean and have good eye muscle well as being visually sound.

“We believe that a combination of visual and measured traits will allow us to make gains in our genetics while producing terminal sires whose progeny have consistently good growth and strong commercial value.”

Maryland White Suffolks will offer 30 two-tooth rams and ram lambs at the Walcha British Breeds sale on Wednesday, February 8.

The ram lambs consist of progeny from Farrer 140188 – the top ram at Farrer’s sale in 2015.

“These lambs are showing great promise,” Mr Burnell said.

All figures will be available prior to the sale. To find out more contact Angus Burnell on 6778 7334 or 0427 787 332.