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Manilla GP Dr Geoff White has been recognised for his 35 years of service in the community

I think my boys were patients of yours when you were quite a new Dr in Manilla now in Canowindra we see Dr Nick Oryan who I believe trained with you, congratulations well done

Trish Davis 

One of the best GP's I've met, congratulations mate and all the best.

Geoffrey Owen Stanton 

Fond memories of a gruff, warm and highly competent GP in my youth. Congratulations!!

Jenny Webster Taggart 

All the best to a wonderful man Congratulations Geoff  :)

Katherine Dailey McMartin 

Congratulations Dr White  😆 Great doctor and man.

Cindy Jordan 

Some new figures have laid bear Tamworth's smoking habits.

What needs to be done to address our high smoking rates?

Let people who want to smoke smoke. Its not illegal (yet) so lay off them. If you want to have a crack at people who smoke then do the same about people who drink, it’s just another legal "drug" !!!

Mat-Bob Allen

Just add more invalid illegal taxes.... Smoking is legal, restricted, But legal. What needs to be done, absolutely nothing, mind your own business, let people do whatever they want in relation to smoking.... maybe look at Ice

Andrea Smith 

What happened to all the people who lobbied and whinged they wouldn't frequent pubs or clubs until they were smoke free - that's right still sitting at home.

Cory Callcott 


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