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Buck passing to fund regional growth

And was it not the Labor Party of the past that closed all the government offices in Tamworth and other regional areas and moved them to either a coastal town or NSW - Newcastle, Sydney or Wollongong???

Is this not passing the buck, how we so easily forget the past when it does not suit us or our political party!

JA Hayes

This is what Tony Windsor was saying (and delivering) for years! Now we have to be told that as a result of a Senate inquiry! Another talk-fest to determine the blooming obvious!

The $297m pool of money is a drip in the ocean of national expenditure (and it is a Federal fund, so spread across the entire country, when will NSW follow suit with a guaranteed one-third of expenditure in the regions (and that does NOT include Penrith, Newcastle, Wollongong) beyond the sandstone curtain?


Tamworth could soon boast a multi-million dollar medical centre in the CBD

Can push for resources we don’t have, like an Ear Nose Throat specialist who operates here..... and paediatricians.

Katie Tatum 

Depends on if its going to have the specialists that Tamworth is lacking or if it’ll be just like the hospital.

Big upgrade with still no specialists and people needing to travel.

Jodi Moss 

As long as there's enough doctors to staff it. 

Having specialists that are permanent would be a great thing and what Tamworth needs.

However the way things are now, not many specialists are regularly available as they can't seem to find permanent specialists to see patients. Especially paediatricians. 

Not very good taking a child to see paediatrician and having to see a different one each time!!!

Kellie Hundt 


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