Letters to the Editor


Happiness may elude you 

As you travel through this land

But a continuous dose of happiness

Would make a great life bland

Sometimes this ride goes up

And when you’re near the top

You wish with all your heart and soul

This ride would never stop

Then as you start your ascent

You’re heading into strife

You’re hanging on with all your strength

Holding on for your dear life

Things can bottom out

The impact too much to bear

This place you find yourself

A pit of dark, dark despair

As you consider your surroundings

And the time it passes by

The question you might ask is

Why, Why, Why?

Slowly, slowly you notice

Quite imperceptible at first

That this ride you’re on is moving

And you’re over all the worst

There’s an odd familiar feeling

That creeps into your brain

It’s a little light of hopefulness

The world’s come right again

Please stay on the ride

With all its highs and lows

No matter how you feel right now

Or how hard the cruel wind blows

There’s bitterness and sadness

Sometimes there’s joy and light

Just stay on the ride

Everything will be alright.  

Anne M Dalton (Quirindi)

CBD and More

Tamworth Councillors should think hard about what they intend to do with the CBD. 

This $300,000,00 plus is a lot of money, and Col Murray says it is another step in the growth, development and modernisation with the potential to move in line with other progressive cities, saying our CBD will die very quickly if pedestrians consider it as an unsafe place, is rubbish. 

People of Tamworth love our city, what council intends to do with the CBD is wrong, council says that it is for safety, this is a load of hogwash, if safety was the means to an end they would make the CBD a mall with no cars. 

I will tell you why I say this; around schools the speed limit has been lowered to 40km to make it safer for children, but still there are children that run across the road without even thinking or looking.

I will tell you why, I have watched in amazement in the CBD where people that come up to a delegated walk way, don’t look, they just walk out on to the roadway with no hesitation.

Children are doing the same; when parents with children walk straight out on to the crossing with no hesitation what does this encourage the children to do? Yes! Do the same.

I was in a town some time ago where at each end of the crossing there was written in big letters at the start of the crossing the word which was like a stop sign.

We have to be more responsible in our thoughts and encourage people and children to be more aware of their surroundings to keep them safe. 

It would be nice to once see someone stop and let a car go by, is this so wrong?

If you want to do something constructive in the CBD have a look at what the Marsupial Park has done with the seating in the big bird aviary.

They have made a cover so that people can sit on it without having to sit on bird droppings, so covers over the seating in the CBD would be a good option.

Also, the gravel footpaths in the Bicentennial Park leaves a lot to be desired.

One end of the park has had hundreds of thousands spent on it and the other end is becoming a disgrace, the footpaths are shocking.

Daphney Mandel-Hayes (Tamworth)

Stand up and be counted

Have the National learned anything from their defeat in Orange? Can we expect them to begin to start standing up to Mike Baird?

The ban on greyhound racing was quickly reversed when it became obvious that the Nationals were threatened, surely it is not to late to reverse the forced mergers of councils. The long term effects of these mergers will be devastating for these small rural communities.

It would make more sense to provide assistance to those councils with financial and/or management problems, after all we have had various state governments with the same problems without merging states.

Is the sale of the Land Title Registry going to go ahead unchallenged by the Nationals, especially when it appears that Premier Baird proposed to spend the bulk of the money received on the construction of a stadium in Sydney?

It is times our elected representative represented the electorate and not just the party line. Mr Baird could not govern without National support. It is time he was reminded of this.

Geoff Parker (Glen Innes)

He’ll be watching

A One Nation Senator from WA has written to a Queensland magistrate to say that the conduct of a particular case will be watched, and then to ask that the case be adjourned. 

Shocking as this interference in the judicial process is, what is more shocking is the total silence about it from Australian monarchists.

This Senator hasn't merely snubbed the Governor-General or the Queen herself, as John Howard used to do. With typical One Nation madness, he has struck at the entire system. Yet monarchists everywhere, the same people who got hysterical about the accusations against Lionel Murphy, are silent. 

G.T.W.  AGNEW (Coopers Plains)


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