Web words: Monday, November 28

Community backlash over White St roadworks

Well done council, you are starting to learn to communicate effectively with people. Keep this up and people may start to feel a bit more comfortable around major decisions being made. The trick is, there is no trick to good communication. Be honest, be fair and be reasonable, and treat people how you yourself would like to be treated in their position.

Phillip Allan Jones 

Communication is the key to a great relationship with us the people of the city, the people that elected them in to do a job its not rocket science.

Mandy Carol Hearne 

Council needs to start listening to the community. Residents in Oxley Vale have been asking for St Ives park to be mowed to reduce the number of snakes and rubbish but council say it is to dangerous and expensive for them to mow.

Ryan Newberry 

Changing of the guard at Tamworth Hotel

The Tamworth Hotel has trained many Tamworth kids.....the Rumbles did it well, so congratulations Luke on returning home!!! 🏨 I am sure you and your partner will continue the reputation of the hotel, whilst also bringing a new dimension to this icon of Tamworth. Thank you Rumbles for the great years past, looking forward to great years ahead. 

Dianne Haire 

Fantastic news. Congrats guys. Don't forget to make it school reunion friendly.

Cherie Hinde 

I am the proud grand-daughter of a man who did a lot of the original inside work 50+ yrs ago.

Belinda Jachim 

If it's anything like the robin hood we are all in for a good show.

Scott Simpson

Can't wait for the American style smoked BBQ.

Lisa Shields 


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