Adam Brand, The Outlaws nominated for ARIA award

HE IS the party ambassador for the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and country superstar Adam Brand has proven why, with his latest offering nominated for a national accolade.

Adam Brand and some of his closest musician mates have been nominated for the ARIA Award for best country album.

Adam Brand and The Outlaws comprises of Brand himself and well known musicians including Drew McAlister, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Mike Carr who came together to produce the smash hit.

THE OUTLAWS: Adam Brand, centre, with Drew McAlister, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Mike Carr.

THE OUTLAWS: Adam Brand, centre, with Drew McAlister, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Mike Carr.

In what he said was more of a party album than anything, Brand said the ARIA Nomination was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one at that.

"I was feeling a little surprised actually, The Outlaws was something we put together as a completely fun, party band," Brand said of the nomination news.

"When doing something fun and getting so much enjoyment out of it, you don't think about the awards and nominations and all that stuff."

Brand said the album was created as a bright light in a world full of doom and gloom plagued by death and violence this year.

It is Brand’s first solo offering since releasing My Side of the Street in 2014.

Continuing on with the party vibe, in addition to his success with The Outlaws, Brand has a new solo album he's putting the finishing touches on and could not be more excited.

He's about to shoot the video for the first single, and he's also preparing to take on the role of Party Ambassador for the Tamworth Festival - which he told The Leader is something he takes seriously.

"I take that role very seriously, with this album i'm going to continue on where The Outlaws left off, it's going to be a fun party,” Brand said.

When asked about when he’d perform for his fans in next year’s big event, the cheeky singer-songwriter did hint there would be a special concert at the Festival, but would not be drawn on when or where or how it's happening.

"No one will know until the day, in true party ambassador style, a party is going to pop up somewhere and it's gonna' be full revs,” he said.

With a fresh new album and fresh production team on board, Brand said he's throwing "the old manual out the window' and starting again.

"I'm feeling pretty good about it," he said.

Brand’s latest ARIA nomination with The Outlaws follows a list of big names to also be nominated for album of the year including singer-songwriter, with Tamworth Country Music Festival regulars Fanny Lumsden, Bill Chambers, Sara Storer and The Wolfe Brothers also in the running for the sought after accolade.