Web words: Monday, October 17

A decade of difference

Have just been to Fiesta La Peel. Absolutely fabulous and there was a huge crowd there enjoying it...I think we have changed...obviously not everyone but you can never make everyone happy. This day was fantastic. Well done!

Jennifer Wainwright 

The last two were amazing. So nice to see people of all cultures enjoying one another's company and sharing their foods and experiences.

Cheryl Butler 

There is such a happy vibe at this fiesta. Can't wait for tomorrow. I've been to the last two and enjoyed them tremendously.

Merryn Gai Morris 

Cancelled flights ‘bad look’ for city

So they cancel a few flights... big deal, you would all be up in arms if one hit the deck, safety first, I think so, let the professionals run the industry not Facebook rhetoric.

Craig Bower 

As someone who flies to and from Sydney on a regular basis I have had some delays always due to weather, never had a cancelled flight. As I am a regular flyer, I have also experienced some pretty scary flights due to unsteady weather conditions and am thankful that Qantas make informed decisions on flying. People would be suffering much worse if there was planes falling out of the sky and as for it being about bums on seats, anyone who flies knows that the flights are usually pretty full so I am not sure why you would think they don't get the numbers.

Be thankful we have the ability to fly to and from a major city and many locals can have the best of both worlds – city career and a country life.

Renae Irwin 

Not enough bums on seats to take off maybe? But safety has to be number-one priority if it is the issue in the first place. Three in one day seems to be over the top though.

Stephen Young