Web Words: Saturday October 15, 2016

Frustrations fly over more cancelled flights

Cr Wilson is correct cancellations/delays is a bad look.... but for who? Are the reasons due to the council, as some have directed blame towards, or the airlines themselves?

Simply put, airlines regularly cancel flights due to lack of passenger numbers or other uncontrollable reasons. Find out the reasons cancellations/delays happen, then point the finger justifiablyly. 


They don't cancel the planes because of maintenance, it's more to do with numbers.

Jason Moriarty 

Way to go Qantas, just hand it over to Virgin. Maybe you don't really want to be in Tamworth and this is your way of getting out???

Cheryl Butler 

Not enough bums on seats to take off maybe? But safety has to be no.1 priority if it is the issue in the first place. 3 in 1 day seems to be over the top though.

Stephen Young 

So they cancel a few flights...big deal, you would all be up in arms if one hit the deck, safety first, I think so, let the professionals run the industry not Facebook rhetoric.

Craig Bower 

I'm gobsmacked you don’t realise that flights do get cancelled due lack of demand. I must have had over 100 flights cancelled. When you’re in a capital city you stay in the bar, restaurant or lounge another 20 minutes and get the next flight. In regional areas you don't have that option so it often becomes an overnight stay. This is Normal. I always drive for this very reason rather than fly in regional NSW. Because even if there is an accident that stops traffic it only adds a couple of hours to your trip. A flight cancellation is more taxis, overnight accommodation, meals etc. It all adds up. I've had the same thing happen in Cairns which has both domestic and international flight options down the east coast and had to stay another night. Get used to it people. It is normal. The local people just wont tell you it's normal. – Phil


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