Web words: Friday October 14, 2016

Betts calls for uranium meeting

Regarding the Uranium contamination of the local water for Moonbi, Kootingal and Bendemeer, I would suggest council arrange for the Health Department to carry out testing on all residents of those communities that have use the water for how ever many decades. The cost to be borne by TRC, it is a relatively low cost easy urine test. Do this now.

Carmel Metcalf

Elder restores history on way to top honour

Well done Len. You aren't doing it for the accolades but there are many in the community who will thank you over the years to come for the example you have set and the encouragement and opportunities you have given.

Short Poppy

Baird’s greyhound ban backflip

What a weak decision from Mike Baird & Troy Grant. Every slow dog that is shot in the head and dumped in the bush, every kitten, piglet, rabbit & possum that meets a savage painful death in the name of the pathetic "entertainment" that is greyhound racing is now their legacy. The Liberals, Nationals and Labor in this state & country are morally bankrupt.

Henry Curtmantle

I'm glad that the industry has a second chance, but I also think the controls need to be very stringent with dog numbers that are produced each year to be capped by actual requirements for the industries needs produced only by approved licenced breeders using only the best dogs that also need to meet strict criteria and have a clearance certificate then quotas on numbers so their welfare can be accounted for during their pre & post racing lives. Far fewer dogs but of a much higher quality with greater value that will be in the hands of more trustworthy caring owners that are closely regulated and monitored and as a result enjoy better treatment.

Howling good news

Very weak. Just like Malcom changes with the wind – Innrs


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