Rare spectacle in the sky |PHOTOS

STARGAZERS across the North West were left in awe on Sunday night by a rare spectacle in the sky.

It was the biggest supermoon of the year and those who saw it were quick to head outside and snap a photo or two.

The more enthusiastic folk were seen to make their way to vantage points across the region in search of the best photo opportunity.

Fiona O'Dell was one who sent her photos, taken at the Warialda lookout between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Sunday, to The Leader .

"It was awesome watching it move through the clouds," she told us.

It might be the fourth supermoon of the year, but experts say it was the biggest with the last to come on September 9.

The majestic moon phenomenon occurs when a full moon shines over the Earth at the closest point of its elliptical orbit and what a sight it was.

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