Moree shooting: The reaction

Police have blocked off the road at Talga Lane on the Newell Highway at Croppa Creek after Tuesday's fatal shooting. Picture: CADY ANDERSON, Moree Champion.

Police have blocked off the road at Talga Lane on the Newell Highway at Croppa Creek after Tuesday's fatal shooting. Picture: CADY ANDERSON, Moree Champion.

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The ramifications of Environment and Heritage worker Glen Turner is being felt deeply around the north-west.

The 51-year-old Tamworth man was killed at a property 55 kilometres north of Moree as he served a notice on an elderly man at a property in Croppa Creek

The 79-year-old man was charged with murder and was refused bail. He is due to appear at Moree Local Court on Wednesday.

​► "I can't describe what I'm feeling for the person who passed away and his family ... that millisecond has affected so many people. It's total sadness. I've known the family for a long time and we're good friends.

"I just can't put the jigsaw together. It's beyond belief. The environmental laws didn't cause this. Road laws don't cause accidents.

"I feel so sorry for him and his family but there's no reason for it to have happened. People have to respect the law. If they think it's wrong they need to try and change it. There is just so much pain on both sides, for everyone involved, for those that knew them or didn't." - a Croppa Creek neighbour

​► "He (Glen Turner) was of good character and very friendly. I never had any bad dealings with him. He was a real family man and great with the kids whenever I saw him." - Ogunbil Rd resident Peter Bainbridge

► "Here was someone going about their normal daily routine. Everyone expects when they go to work that they're entitled to go home. It's so sad when somebody leaves their family in the morning and never returns again." - Tamworth deputy mayor Russell Webb 

​► "A man has lost his life, a lady has lost a husband, kids have lost their father. He [the alleged shooter] has got family too. There is no way to console anyone over this. When somebody goes to do their job, and when they don't make it home, that's the biggest tragedy of all, that a man has lost his life. There are so many innocent parties drawn into it." - Moree Plains Shire mayor Katrina Humphries

​► “This is a terrible tragedy and my thoughts are with the family and friends of everyone affected. It is distressing to think there are young children who will grow up without a father after this incident, and I hope the community will rally around them during this difficult time. This is a devastating and traumatic time for many people.  My only request is that any comment is extremely mindful of the privacy and dignity of the family, friends and colleagues directly affected by this incident.” - Barwon MP Kevin Humphries

​​► “My thoughts and prayers are with the family and tight knit staff of the Office of Environment and Heritage at this most difficult time. “It is hard to fathom how it is that someone who leaves for work in the morning does not return in the afternoon. On behalf of the Chief Executive OEH Terry Bailey and my colleagues in the NSW Government, our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by this tragedy." - NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes

​​► “Glen was a Senior Compliance Officer and had been a NSW public servant since 2000, having joined OEH from the Department of Natural Resources in 2007. Glen was one of our most experienced compliance officers. He was a respected and well-liked colleague and friend to many. Glen is survived by his wife Alison and their two children who are in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. The loss of a colleague touches us all, even more so under such tragic circumstances. The Environment Minister Rob Stokes and I will be travelling to Tamworth and Armidale tomorrow to meet with Glen’s family and our local staff. The matter is being investigated by Police and the OEH is supporting them in this. It is not appropriate for us to make further comment on the incident given it is under Police investigation." - OEH Chief Executive, Terry Bailey

​​► "The National Farmers’ Federation today expressed its condolences to the family of NSW Environment & Heritage officer who was shot overnight in Moree.  Our sympathies are also extended to the man’s colleagues and friends." - The National Farmers’ Federation statement