TAMWORTH TALK: Things only Tamworthians could understand

Stopping at the Longy after a swim at Duri Harbour? Here's some Tamworthisms you might know.

These were submitted by The Leader's readers via our Facebook page and by NDL staff.

Do you have any you'd like to share? Join the conversation by emailing us at mail.ndl@ruralpress.com or on our Facebook Page.

1. Doing a Peelie or (Peely).

Perhaps a rite of passage for any teenager - or anyone with a license.

Whether it's a Saturday night and you're cruising down Peel St showing off your souped up car and awesome taste in music (at least you think it is) or you're coming back to visit and feel like a bit of nostalgia - Peel St has been the top choice for a bit of lapping for generations.

2. How to pronounce Goonoo Goonoo Rd

If you live on this street we sympathise with how many times you've had to spell it out "say it again" or give up on trying.

"Gunna gunnoo" always remains a tricky one for outsiders to pronounce and it truly is something only Tamworthians would understand.

3. The name's changed but you're still calling it by the old one.

Jack the Slasher shut down more than 25-years ago but whoever shops at Robert St Shopping Village often still refers to it "Jacks"

For those who weren't even born yet or don't remember -  Do you still refer to Maguires Pub as "Joes" even after the name change some years ago.

And if you're still going to the 'Town Talk' you're more than likely going to the Tamworth Hotel.

4.The paradise end of town

The home of the Paradise Caravan Park, the paradise bridge and the paradise swimming hole. Still a popular spot among the young ones on a scorching hot day.

5. You're scared to drive down King George Ave at night.

You've heard the stories among the locals - but there hasn't been any proof.

But still many of us convince ourselves to avoid King George Ave after dark.

But it does paint a pretty picture of a day doesn't it?

6. You head up to Hanging Rock at the first sign of snow.

It hasn't snowed in Tamworth for 30-years so you have to go somewhere right? 

7: The origins of Duri Harbour.

There's a place called Duri Peak, a bit of a big hill just down the road from Tamworth, near a village called Duri. Down below it is a gully. It's the harbour. Other people had them, so does Tamworth.

These days the Duri Harbour Social Club gives lots of charity dollars away from their pub recreational events.

8: It's Scott Rd, not Scott's Rd.

Come on - we're all guilty of it.

9:  Dominoes once was a nightclub - not a Pizza shop.

Yes - Dominoes - now the Honky Tonk Bar at the Family Hotel used to be the place to go back in the day.

10: Going all the way "over town"

It might be over the river - but it's far enough for some locals heading "all the way overtown" to do their  shopping.

11: Young people suddenly like horse racing during Tamworth Cup and Melbourne Cup season.

The "sickies" start calling in at work, dresses are running out the door at the local boutiques and the selfies are out of control as horse racing suddenly becomes fashionable at the local cup meets.

12. You haven't quite gotten over the the closure of Grace Bros and its cafe.

There's been a push for Myer ever since Grace Bros shut down in Tamworth more than 10-years ago.

13. We'll meet you at "Yorkies" - Between the Bridges.

The spot to go after a night on the town - maybe it was the social aspect, it might have been the late night pies.

Located in the same spot as where Bluedog fences now is - Yorkies held many fond memories for Leader readers.

14. We give our pubs nicknames.

Whether it's the Longy, Goodies, Impy, Diggers, Family or Loco you frequent - it could be an Aussie thing but it's a common trend in Tamworth to give your pub a nickname.

15. You have a love-hate relationship with the country music festival.

It's the only time of the year it takes an extra few minutes to get home, you might have to line up a bit longer at the cash register and that schooner of beer might take a bit longer to be poured - but Tamworthians none-the-less strap on their boot-scooting shoes and embrace the festival atmosphere.

Country music fans come out of the woodwork, cowboy hats suddenly become the staple Tamworth item - and you're moving around your social events and work plans to enjoy those big festival weekends.

And before you know it, those road blocks are removed and the festival is a distant memory - until next time.

16. We don't like to park too far away from where we want to go - and we don't like to pay for it either.

If we have to walk more than 20 metres from the car, we'll continue doing laps until we find a park at the front door. 

Or we'll wait in Peel St - leaving a queue behind us and wait for that person to unpack their groceries and put the kids in the car so we can take their park when they drive. 

Tamworthians are known also to take advantage of those free parking places, even if it's only for an hour.

And we certainly try and avoid those parking metres.

Tamworthians don't like paying for parking - no matter what the price.


17.  Looking out for 'hat drivers' on Fridays.

A common theme on Fridays for Tamworth folk was  looking out for 'hat drivers'

Those were the drivers who came into town from the country to do their shopping on a Friday.

They drove slow around town - and were known for driving Volvos.

18. East vs West warfare

It was the silent warfare of the city.

East Tamworth residents wouldn't cross to the other side of the Peel River and the Westies were known to believe the sun didn't shine over the East side of town.

19.  The Hunter Expressway is the best thing since sliced bread.

Come on. everyone's talking about it.

If it cuts your time to the beach or to those big name shops -it has to be a winner, right?

20. You're not a true Tamworthian if you don't know who Coxy is.

Paul Cox - Coxy is a local identity.  

He might not have graced the pages of the newspapers or appeared on the television screens, but you're not a local until you've met him or heard his story.

21.The midday whistle blast from the laundry between the bridges.

The familiar sound could be heard through various locations across the city.

22. Heading to the Imperial Hotel or Reflections for your 18th birthday.

Move over Dominoes, the Imperial Hotel was the place to be among our younger generation once you hit 18.

Who remembers lining up for your first night out at the iconic hotel when you came of age? 

For those a little older - Reflections night club was the hot spot to be at the Fitzroy Hotel.

Now The Post Office Hotel - the venue is still affectionately referred to as "Flecos" by some locals today.