Fine and bond for first-time flasher

A MAN who indecently exposed himself to a female stranger walking past on a busy Tamworth street has escaped jail.

Trevor John Casini was facing up to two years behind bars after prosecutors called for a prison term in Tamworth Local Court yesterday.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to committing an act of indecency after exposing himself to a 48-year-old woman on Goonoo Goonoo Rd in April this year.

“It’s a nasty offence,” Magistrate Michael Holmes said.

“You obviously caused a great deal of horror to that woman.”

Casini was arrested at his Tamworth home after his victim spotted him almost 10 hours after the offence.

Sergeant Matthew Price said a prison sentence was warranted because it was a serious offence.

“It involved a vulgar act,” he told the court. “The community needs to be protected.”

The woman was walking along Goonoo Goonoo Rd about 8.45am on April 7 when Casini drove past and parked on the side of the road.

According to the facts of the case, Casini called out to the victim to ask if she wanted a lift.

The victim lent towards the car and said “no, thankyou” before the accused indecently exposed himself.

Police said the “astonished victim” turned and continued to walk away but only managed to take down a partial registration number.

Just after 7 o’clock that night, the woman saw the accused behind the wheel of the same car and called police before providing a statement.

Less than an hour later, police tracked the registration number and Casini’s description to a Tamworth home where he was arrested and charged.

Casini’s solicitor, Garry Johnston, said his client had been “full and frank” with police and had been co-operative at all times.

“A most regrettable and regretted offence,” Mr Johnston told the court.

He noted his client had pleaded guilty at an early opportunity and asked for a bond with intervention by way of supervision.

Mr Holmes said the set of facts was “serious.”

“What you did was unacceptable,” he said. 

“The community of Tamworth needs to be protected from behaviour like this.”

Casini was fined $1000 and put on a good behaviour bond for three years to be supervised by authorities.

And Mr Holmes issued a stern warning to Casini that he was on his last chance.

“If you commit a similar offence again, I’ll send you to jail,” he said.


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