LATEST: Group 19 games cancelled as refs go on strike

Group 19 Referee Association President Charles Kiehne has confirmed that Group 19 games will not go ahead this weekend following a referee's strike.

In a step towards reconciliation the Goondiwindi and Boomerangs game will go ahead.

That game is part of a state wide schools carnival in Queensland.

Group President Mick Lewis said the whole ordeal was totally avoidable and claims to not actually know what the association wants.

"We complied with everything they have asked of us," Lewis said.

"All they are doing is proving that they can be disruptive."

The movement started two weeks ago when the judiciary threw out a case against two Tingha U18's on striking charges.

The judiciary was told that the charges were laid out in an outdated book and on advice from the former Group President didn't hear the case.

Kiehne claimed that the write-up was exactly the same as he would have done and the book still had the CRL logo on it.

"The book was fourteen years old and had and outdated format for charges and gradings," Lewis said.

A meeting set for Tuesday night should resolve the matter with the Referee's Association looking for more transparency and communication from the group.

The games will be postponed until the end of the season and the finals moved back a week.