Steph's style a web sensation

STRIKE A POSE: Tamworth woman Stephanie Bailey is a rising star in the YouTube world.
STRIKE A POSE: Tamworth woman Stephanie Bailey is a rising star in the YouTube world.

IT’S the website that’s revolutionising the world, one bizarre cat video at a time.

Video-sharing website YouTube attracts a billion unique users each month and has even spawned a 

lucrative industry, one that Tamworth’s Stephanie Bailey is keen to grab a slice of.

The 20-year-old is an aspiring “vlogger”, uploading dozens of videos to her YouTube channel and sharing beauty tips with her legion of teen fans.

And it’s starting to pay dividends.

Ms Bailey has just banked her first cheque for her share of the advertising revenue the channel generates.

The former Oxley High student, who is now studying media at Sydney’s Macquarie Uni, wants to become a YouTube tycoon, one of a small band of “vloggers” earning seven-figure incomes from the site.

Since starting in September last year, Ms Bailey’s videos, which range from make-up tips to hair advice, have attracted almost 100,000 views and she has almost 3000 dedicated subscribers.

“I’ve only just reached the threshold where YouTube starts paying you for views but you can literally make millions if you become popular enough,” Ms Bailey said.

“My main demographic is 13 to 17 year old girls.

“I’m at  uni  and, to them, I represent the next step in their lives ... they want to see what it’s like to be at my stage.”

Ms Bailey, who wants to pursue a career in TV or radio, said authenticity - not looks - was the key to winning clicks from viewers.

“You have to show them part of your life and talk like friends so they connect with you,” she said.

“It’s really about personality. No matter how  beautiful you are, if you can’t talk and you can’t relate you won’t make it.”

She is even starting to receive free beauty products and invites to glamorous launch parties.

Her next series of videos are due in formal season and will feature tips on how to look your best for the big night.

To view Ms Bailey’s YouTube channel, visit


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