Inverell 7-year-old makes a big call for newborn brother

Inverell 7-year-old makes a big call for newborn brother

SEVEN-year-old Jesse McGuire has been hailed a hero after making a Triple 0 call during the roadside birth of his baby brother last week - that helped save the newborn’s life.

Jesse made the emergency call when it became apparent his little brother was not breathing following his birth, and with his father’s hands full – holding his new-born son – Jesse manned the phone to get life-saving help.

His actions prompted the Member for Northern Tablelands, Richard Torbay to nominate Jesse for a NSW Community Service Award.

Jesse was in the car with dad Stephen, dad’s partner Jennifer Baillie and Jennifer’s 12-year-old son Jasper heading for the Inverell hospital.

Stephen had called the paramedics and an ambulance was en route to meet them but unfortunately little baby Pheonix decided he couldn’t wait and was born in the car just near Inverell


“We managed to get to Inverell Station, Jennifer was screaming and I had to pull up there,” Stephen told The Inverell Times.

“I had just enough time to get out of the car, fly around the other side, open the door, get down on one knee, Jennifer gave an almighty scream and there he was, I was holding him!”

Little Phoenix wasn’t breathing and although Stephen had been on the phone with the paramedics, the connection was lost.

Both Stephen and Jennifer were sure their tiny son was dead and Jesse then called Triple 0 – an act that was only just taught to him two weeks prior by his mum Sarah Jones.

He held the phone for his dad so Stephen could follow the paramedic instructions.

Little baby Phoenix is now happy and healthy.