Treat human ferals like foxes and pigs

A bear kills a man in Canada. A tiger kills a farmer in India. A crocodile kills a woman in the Northern Territory. The animal doubtless thought the victim was a likely easy meal. 

So the “authorities” hunt the animal down and destroy it. Terrible thing to do, to kill a human being for food, to inflict pain and suffering on the victim before eating it, although the animal didn’t realise it was inflicting suffering on the victim. Conscience is not part of a wild animal’s mental capacity.

Foxes, pigs and cats are feral animals. They kill our sheep and native animals and eat them. Sometimes they leave them alive, partly eaten and suffering. We hunt them down and shoot them. We even hunt them and shoot them before they do any killing.

I wonder whether those creatures who hunt young human beings, not for food, but for money, are entitled to be termed “human beings” – creatures who have more intelligence than bears and tigers and crocodiles and foxes and pigs, who know they are doing wrong, who know they are destroying the lives of thousands of young humans by deliberately preparing the teeth and claws – the drugs – which do their killing, inflict the suffering, and they do it not for food, but for money.  

We as a nation are opposed to capital punishment of human beings, but in the light of recent news, the capture of tons of drugs –“teeth and claws” – and the feral animals who brought them in to sell, I’m beginning to wonder why they shouldn’t share the same fate as the foxes and pigs.




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