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The Sydney Morning Herald website originally contained only technology or 'computers' content.
The Sydney Morning Herald website originally contained only technology or 'computers' content.
How the website looked in 1999.

How the website looked in 1999.

It's the browser you notice first, up in the top right hand side of the screenshot.

Netscape. Remember that? If not, it's fair to assume you weren't around for the dawn of the internet, in the days before Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari came to dominate how we view the web.

Then there's the boxy layout and lack of, well, any news on the home page. But it's unfair to criticise this archived version of The Sydney Morning Herald home page - taken in 1995, when it held solely technology news - by today's standards.

The "smh" has had numerous looks in its 18 years on the web. On Monday, March 4, we will unveil our latest home page redesign, on the same day the newspaper changes into a compact format.

It's been 18 months in the planning, as our designers, editors and technical gurus spent time brainstorming, researching world's best practice, planning and, of course, arguing many points back and forth.

We think the result is a fresh, clean look for Australia's premier news destination, with several new and exciting features. And we're itching to show it off.

We know how big a reaction there is every time Facebook changes its layout (we write stories about it). And we fully expect readers to have their own opinions about how our new site looks. So log in on Monday to take a look around, test out the new features and leave us your thoughts. Hopefully it's a day we'll remember fondly in another 18 years.

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