Who or what is creating the political agenda?

WHO will lead Labor to defeat in the next federal election? Gillard, Rudd or Shorten?

 It’s a real conundrum – Labor, vociferously states it doesn’t want Rudd, yet the polls say they need him. Problem is, all their own attacks against Rudd by Gillard, Crean, Swan, Roxon and Conroy, etc, will be used by the Liberals and Nationals to highlight his many perceived faults. Very Catch 22! 

Further, the other trouble is Labor making policy on the run, an agenda spooked by bad polling.

Acting like an eccentric sugar daddy, spending up big on credit, when supposedly in caretaker mode. Seemingly not a care in the world, doling great dollops out, without any hope or vision of ever paying the money back. 

What eccentricities will the next budget forecast contain? 

How is all this “reprioritise” malarky Labor now bleats as its members seek to explain how all these budget surpluses they only so recently stated they “had created”, or were on track to create in the forward estimates fairing? Well, according to next “current,” oh-so-inaccurate Treasury forecasts.

If the independents, especially Windsor and Oakeshott, had any sense of democracy, or decency, they’d force the issue now, causing an election sooner rather than in the pencilled in September date, because Labor’s use-by-date is well and truly up.

Ms Gillard or her replacement, can change the date anytime in the next few months. Necessary, because the Australian public has no idea of who or what is creating the political agenda – Gillard, Rudd, the Australian Workers’ Union, the unions or the faceless men. 

Whoever or what ever it is, it’s certainly not conducive to a Labor victory.


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