Residents seeking fast medical help 

ON Wednesday, February 13, I attended a local specialist’s rooms to undergo an echocardiogram as my doctor had detected a heart murmur during a consultation on the Monday previous.

I was told that the results would be sent to my doctor within a couple of days.

Today is February 22 and despite several calls to both doctors and the specialist’s offices I’m still awaiting the outcome of my condition.

I guess it’s reassuring to know that there can’t be anything life threatening wrong with me despite still experiencing the palpitations and dizziness on a daily basis. If this was a cold sore or broken toe issue it wouldn’t be so disturbing.

However, it’s my heart that has the problem and if my doctor felt it was worthy of investigating further with the echocardiogram then surely it’s not unreasonable to expect some form of diagnosis within eight working days.

No wonder the list of local residents prepared to travel out of the district in order to secure proper medical attention is growing and sadly this list has just increased by one more.




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