It should be about people, not money

IF THE council think that they might be in with a chance of winning another award for this year’s country music festival, well think again. 

Council tells us that this recent award not only belongs to council, but also belongs to the people of Tamworth. If this is truly the case, then shouldn’t we get a say in how the festival is put together? Our ideas shouldn’t be ignored. 

It’s about time that the mayor realised this year’s festival wasn’t anywhere near as good as previous ones and that it was a mistake to make the buskers audition for a spot on Peel St. 

It didn’t work and there were still terrible performers. I’m not sure how they managed to make it through the audition process, but they did. 

Bring back the buskers into Peel St but make it that it’s just them and a guitar. That way you hear the real performer and everyone gets a go. These people are out singing because that’s what they love to do. We are losing that atmosphere and eventually people won’t come to Tamworth.

It shouldn’t be about who will bring in the most money, it should be about the people.




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