Volunteers do what they do, with love

THIS is second time within a year I have had such a phone call.

A man telephoned me on Tuesday, February 5 concerned about the “category” of work I did from home. I have neer done any work from home. My working days with wages ended in 1975.

Since then the work I have been involved in has been volunteer work – pastoral care, cancer clinic duties, scripture in schools etc, all of which have required training.

Volunteers do what they’re doing because they want to, with love, and not for personal gain.

Perhaps this man, whoever he is, would care to become a volunteer in the wide range of needy care services which assist other people, rather than worrying about me and what I do.

The first time I received one of these calls I phoned the Department of Social Security to find out if the call had come from them and what it was all about. 

The answer was no. 

They had no idea of why such a phone call would be mde and that it did not come from that 





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