Faithful willing to accept their fate

IT seems that the mantra of all loyal National Party members is “but we need the energy”.

When questions are posed as to the evident failure by the party to protect agricultural land, the reply is always the same ... “but we need the energy”.

Gas prices are set to double. Incitec has announced plans to relocate to Louisiana, setting up its fertiliser production plant where cheap supplies of gas are available.

The multi-billion dollar export terminals will suck every bit of gas out of the country to supply contract obligations. As a result domestic gas prices will continue to rise.

In true cult tradition, the blind faith of the party faithful means they’re unable to recognise that “their” party, their “saving grace party”, the party they fought long and hard to get into power, has sold them out.

The situation in NSW is critical.

The Strategic Regional Land Use Policy is not worth the paper it is written on. The concern by many that the “gateway process” may be flawed will only be tested by a fraction of the projects before NSW Planning. The majority of mining projects will not even “get into the yard” let alone have to line up at “the gateway”.

As the cult members at Waco Texas, lined up to accept their fate, so too are the “true blue” National Party members apparently happy to accept their fate.




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