Many inefficiencies in council operation

I WRITE in relation to The Northern Daily Leader report “Rockfalls result in closure of Limbri-Weabonga Rd”.

As a frequent driver of that particular stretch of road, I have witnessed uncountable vehicles – trucks, cranes, low loaders with heavy machinery on board, utes, cars etc – all part of the Tamworth Regional Council fleet, there, trying to make the road passable.

This occurrence has been evident in the past two years in their effort to have this road accessible for traffic to use from Limbri to Weabonga and vice-versa.

Their efforts are obviously to no avail, with the exception of a few weeks prior to the downpour in early February.

This futile effort by the council has not achieved the result as expected.

The costs to ratepayers in this district and elsewhere would be enormous. In the Tamworth Regional Council’s “infinite wisdom” it has engaged a geotechnical engineer to advise it on how to stabilise the rocky terrain.

This engineer should have been engaged two years ago to solve the problem, but that would have been a too obvious and sensible solution!

The mind boggles at such innate inefficiency displayed by this group, which purports logicality.




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