Truth has become a victim in our world

I READ Ian Holford’s letter regarding climate change in The Leader on Friday, January 31, with some interest.

We all have points of view or biases. Facts and figures can be manipulated according to our biases.

Accountants can make obviously rich people almost every year appear to have made a loss, with the result of them having no tax to pay.

The salesman plying his skills tells you all about the features and advantages of a product, while never touching on the disadvantages or problems, which he would be well aware of.

I heard Richard Dawkins on the television some nights back quoting facts and figures dismissing God.

He said basically there is no God and the fact is we are all getting better – less rape, less crime. Astoundingly, we’re all getting better?

The truth is, we know what his real bias is: anti-Christ. His real issue: we don’t need God.

Well, fact and figures, truths or untruths, submit or omit, nothing overrides truth, but truth has become a victim in this world.

Perhaps Dr Holford is right and we are all being conned, yet carbon increase is a reality.

The world is speeding up and mining everywhere. In the Arctic, where there once was 60 feet of pack ice, glaciers are melting and some are now non-existent.

Every year there are millions more vehicles on roads, forests and bushlands are cleared and the population more rapidly increases – the facts and figures are endless.

What of Dr Holford’s enormous prosperity of Western countries? All prosperity means is materialism – want more, got more, need more. Where will it all end?

There are all sorts of changes taking place in the world – they are undeniable, powers and forces working beyond our imagination – and they have eternal consequences.




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