We are heading for a monetary apocalypse

GILLARD has just given herself enough rope to hang herself politically!

When she and her “mindless ministers”, Labor “independents” and other miscellaneous Labor supporters, e.g. Greens, are crushed in the September 14 federal election it will be a very long road for Australia to recover financially.

How will Australia repay the exorbitant loans (billions) incurred by this inane and soon defunct organisation known as the Australian Labor Party?

One would assume our world credit rating of AAA will decline to ZZZ after the “dust has settled” if we, as a nation, cannot repay the debt.

There is a possibility that Australia could suffer the same “monetary apocalypse” as in Greece for example!

So to all the “true believers” have a look into the mirror  and see the image that will be consigned to nothingness.




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