Plenty of time now to think before you vote

SO, finally our illustrious Prime Minister Madame Gillard has seen the light and called a federal election for September 14.

Just in time to not be mocked on the official current financial year’s budget figures in October which will show this current year’s “surplus” is in fact a deficit.

 No matter, Labor has a proud record to hold its thin line on. Just think of their major achievements before you vote. 

The party pledged to cut red tape – 13,000 new regulations, few repealed. 

The East Timor “solution” announced before asking East Timor – agreed and now ditched. The Malaysia “solution” – scrapped because the High Court found it illegal. Solar Homes and Communities plan – shut down after half-a-billion-dollar blow-out. The cash for clunkers – dumped. Building the Education Revolution – the school halls fiasco. 

The No Carbon Tax pledge directly before the last election, – “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” then promptly brought one in. The government then panicked and realised it was in for massive costs from its high floor price and then decided to join the European Emmisions Trading Scheme – which has since collapsed. 

It has spent all the money it did not receive hoping to buy a few votes in the marginals. And now the government has forecast to get even less, and promised it all away.

Promised a Citizens’ Assembly –dumped. Miss Gillard prefers the “Captain’s Pick” model. Computers in Schools – $1.4 billion blow-out; less than half delivered. Massive cuts to defence and customs – we can no longer adequately patrol Australia’s borders. Australia is awash with illegal assault rifles and boat people. Removed the offshore detention of the Howard era, that stopped illegal immigrants. Now there’s thousands arriving per year and with nowhere to house them, they are released into the community. This after panicking and excising Australia from the illegal migrant sanctuary. 

Fuel Watch – abandoned. The Green Car Innovation Fund – abandoned. Grocery Choice – abandoned. Home Insulation Plan (pink batts) – dumped after deaths, injuries and costs. 

Mining Tax – no returns and the non-existent forecast tax return money, already spent. The great National Broadband Network – $50 billion but no cost-benefit analysis and few can afford it or are willing to take it up. And the program is years behind schedule and with massive cost blow-outs. 

A Population Policy – but sets no targets, because it’s too hard. Promised to take a “meat axe” to the public service – thousands more public servants added. Told the electorate at least 155 times that the surplus for the current financial year would be delivered, come hell or high-water. Now back-pedalling faster than Lance Armstrong. 

Told the electorate that Labor is fiscal conservative – now have a deficit of over $160 billion and seeking parliament’s help to further increase its credit to over $250 billion.

 Oh yeah, Labor will be a shoe-in to win the next election. 




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