Mayor needs to heed feedback on buskers

I WAS astonished when I was watching the local news the other night when our mayor Col Murray was stating that he had received some negative reports back in relation to the busking, but he believed that it was a success and that while ever he had the power it would stay that way. 

As a motelier in town I spoke to many, many people and not one of them was happy with the way the busking was handled in the Peel St. 

Then I spoke to several of the bands in town and they also were not happy. I then spoke with other moteliers and they said that they had received nothing but complaints as well, yet our mayor seems uninterested in what the people think and what the visitors to Tamworth think. He thinks it was a good thing, so it will stay. 

Cast your mind back to when there was a busker every few metres, some good, some bad, some very bad, but that was the spirit of the festival – giving one and all a fair go.

I don’t care what anybody else says, the festival was quiet. At past festivals there were times when you were shoulder to shoulder in Peel St, day and night, now you could almost fire a shotgun down there at times and not hit anyone. 

Cr Murray said “sometimes more is not always better”. Not in the festival’s case. I strongly suggest that our mayor gets out there and talks to the public and greatly improves on the busking situation for 2014, or it will not be too long and you won’t need to cull them, because they won’t be here.




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