‘Tamworth is a vibrant city with great character’

I have just read you editorial of Monday, January 28 and also the “lift your game” letter from a festival visitor and I just wanted to say something positive. 

My partner and I moved from central Sydney to live and work in Tamworth three months ago. 

We love the place. The city is vibrant, with a great feel and wonderful character. Peel St is inspired– it is simply the best designed main street I have seen anywhere and full of great shops, and if there is an empty store it is re-leased pretty quickly.

Put simply I think Tamworth is the best place in Australia to live and both my partner and I love it.

Now to the Festival.

This was the first time we have been to the country music festival – not being fans of country music.

I take my hat of to the organisers  – and the weather also helped – it’s been ten days of enjoyment of great entertainment, great souvenir shopping, great busking and an amazingly warm and friendly feeling everywhere we went.

 The bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants were all buzzing with a fantastic atmosphere.

I could always find a park in town at Coles at the corner of Peel and White streets and there were never any traffic issues – I’m used to daily snarls on the Harbour Bridge!

Many locals I have spoken to since I moved here flee town for the  10 days. They are missing an amazing (time).

Yes, some places may have put prices up but these same places may also have employed more people so that we all got served quickly and professionally and helped keep us all happy little country and western campers.

Congratulations Tamworth you have put on one hell of a show and I can’t wait for January 2014!


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