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10.25pm: This ends our rolling coverage of the 2013 awards. Thanks for joining us. Don't forget to check out our galleries from the big event.

10.12pm: Sunny Cowgirls and Pete Denahy sing I've Been Everywhere in tribute to Geoff Mack. They're joined by the original performer of the song - Lucky Starr.

country music's night of night's from Tamworth.

country music's night of night's from Tamworth.

10.06pm: Troy Cassar-Daley's Album home has been named Album of the Year. He was presented the award by John Williamson. It's the final award for the evening.

10pm: Catherine Britt named female artist of the year for her album Charlestown Road.

9.58pm: The Sunny Cowgirls interview USA country artist Elizabeth Cook back stage.

9.50pm: One of the founders of the Tamworth Country Music Festival,  Max Ellis speaks about Australia Day.

9.47pm: The Sunny Cowgirls are now interviewing Telstra Road to Discovery winners Gena Rose Bruce and Melody Pool.

9.44pm: Women of country, led by Tamara Stewart, pay tribute to female artists.

9.40pm: Geoff Mack receives the Lifetime of achievement award.

9.35pm: Peter Denahy delivers a hilarious yet heartfelt tribute to Geoff Mack

9.31pm: Male artist of the year is Troy Cassar-Daley met with great applause by the crowd.

9.25pm: Chelsea Basham performs I Make My Own Sunshine in an Australian flag dress in celebration of Australia Day.

Amber Lawrence

Amber Lawrence

The McClymonts

The McClymonts

Last year's Golden Guitar winners.

Last year's Golden Guitar winners.

Adam Brand

Adam Brand

Catherine Britt

Catherine Britt

Troy Cassar-Daly by Tony Mott

Troy Cassar-Daly by Tony Mott

Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole

Luke O'Shea

Luke O'Shea

Troy Cassar-Daly

Troy Cassar-Daly

9.20pm: Dobe Newton OAM and Luke Austen present the Golden Guitar for Heritage Song of the Year to Luke O'Shea for The Drover's Wife.

9.15pm: Those roving reporters The Sunny Cowgirls interview Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson back stage.

9.10pm: Kevin Bennett pays tribute to the late Jimmy Little.

9.05pm:Jasmine Rae and Morgan Evans announce Vocal Collaboration of the Year winners Tamara Stewart, Felicity Urquhart (pictured below) and Sara Storer

The award was accepted by a very pregnant Felicity and an emotional Tamara.

9pm:Telstra Road to Discovery winners Gena Rose Bruce and Melody Pool perform for the crowd.

8.40pm: APRA Song of the Year award goes to Troy Cassar-Daley for his single Home.

He was presented the award by Graeme Connors and Jim Lauderdale.

This is his second for the evening.

8.35pm: The Sunny Cowgirls interview New Talent winner Chelsea Basham.

Chelsea Basham says she hopes her Golden Guitar is enough for her Dad's 60th Birthday tonight.

8.30pm: American singer Carrie Underwood wins International Top Selling Country Album before Luke O'Shea performs The Drover's Wife for the crowd.

8.28pm: Colin Watson has been named as Musician of the Year.

8.25pm Producer of the year goes to Shane Nicholson.

Engineer of the year goes to Jeff McCormack.

8.20pm: The McClymonts win Sanity Top Selling Album of the Year for Two Worlds Collide.

8.15pm: Baylou presents Peter Denahy with his award for Instrumental of the Year.

Peter Denahy said he hoped to lose Instrumental of the Year once again... Instead he won!

Roll of Renown inductee Wayne Horsburgh also acknowledged at the awards.

Kristy Cox performs Miles and Timezones for the crowd.

8.12pm: Lee and Paula of Jetty Road present the award for Best Duo to Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson.

8pm: Tim Daley and Charlotte Dawson present the Golden Guitar for the Video Clip of the Year to the McClymonts for Piece of Me, directed by Duncan Toombs.

The McClymonts are not present with a gig elsewhere. But Duncan Toombs is accepting his award and describes his filmclips as his babies

7.58pm  Chelsea Basham is awarded the Telstra Best New Talent of The Year for her single.  Laugh it Off. She was presented the award by O'Shea. Chelsea told the crowd the award was a "dream come true."

8.53pm: Alternative Country Album of The Year goes to Camille and Stuie for Big Days and Little Years.

Joy McKean and Anne Kirkpatrick present the bush ballad of the year award to Graham Rodger for Looking Back. This is his 12th finalist placing. 

7.48pm: Troy Cassar-Daley is the winner of Single of the Year for his song Country Is - he was presented the award by Adam Harvey.

He's thanked Colin Buchanan for writing the single with him.

Bush Ballad finalists perform Slim Dusty's  - Where Country Is

7.45pm: And we're back!

The awards have just opened and Lyn Bowtell, Camille Te Nahu and Chris E Thomas performed a special rendition of Advance Australia Fair to open the event.

McAlister Kemp are country rocking the awards with Country Proud.

Home and Away's Steve Peacocke (Brax) as told Rebecca Belt he is "loving" the award ceremony so far.

7pm: Red carpet is closed, the stars are now getting ready for the awards. More to come.

6.45pm: Music legend Graeme Connors and wife Lyn walk the red carpet.

Pete Denahy just gave Col Buchanan a piggy back up the red carpet

6.30pm: She might not be a country music singer but she looks delightful -  Model and television personality Charlotte Dawson is in Tamworth and on the red carpet.

Steve Peacocke (Brax) of Home and Away also steps out to adoring fans.

One of our newest stars has arrived  - Toyota Star Maker winner Kaylee Bell cutting a fine figure in a red dress from Esther Boutique in Tasmania. 

6.15pm:  McAlister Kemp is up next on the red carpet with Jasmine Rae.

Jasmine has accessorised her outfit with spiked heels.

Luke Austin wows the crowd in a stunning blue suit, followed by country music sensation Adam Harvey and wife Kathy.

Country icon Bill Chambers and his family are also some of the next to come through.

Harmony James greets festival goers in a delightful green gown, close by on the carpet are Craig Campbell and Luke and Lucy O'Shea who have just arrived.

Fans are eagerly taking photos on cameras and smart phones, with Jayne Denham among the next to arrive as the awards draw closer. 

6pm: Tamworth's golden country music couple Lawrie and Shelley Minson have arrived.

Lawrie is a finalist for instrumental of the year.

The glamorous couple are closely followed on the carpet by Lyn Bowtell and Sean Rudd as well as Tamworth songbird Aleyce Simmonds who arrived at the event with Kristy Cox and Morgan Evans.

Ashleigh Dallas, Harry Hookey and Nash Chambers greet the crowd accompanied by Rex and Luke Dallas and Roll of Renown inductee Wayne Horsburgh on the red carpet.

5.45pm: The Wolfe Brothers, Jetty Road and the Harmonators are the next to step on the red carpet with Travis and Rebecca Collins along with Jean Stafford.

Geoff and Tabbi Mack are cutting a fine figure on the red carpet, next up are Dianne Lindsay and Peter Simpson.

Amber Lawrence has just stepped onto the red carpet wearing a long gown.

Here's a photo we took today of Amber Lawrence at the annual Cavalcade. Click her picture to see more photos.

5.30pm: The red carpet has begun and comperes Colin Buchanan and Peta Denahy are two of the first to arrive.

Colin Buchanan is testing the red carpet "Richie Benaud style" attracting laughs from the fans.

The Sunny Cowgirls are among the next to arrive on the red carpet wearing red.

12.30pm: With about five hours until the red carpet kicks off, there wasn't much action outside the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre earlier today. The red carpet hadn't been rolled out yet for the stars, but crews were working to put the barriers up, ready for the crowds.

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