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Tamworth's own country singing sensation Aleyce Simmonds brings you her daily take on the festival

Day Eight:

Hi Everyone.

I can’t believe we’re now nearing the end of the festival and the end of my column writing for another year.

My big show is today. I can’t wait but I’m really nervous too. My first show in the beautiful Capitol Theatre and 400 seats to fill. It’s the best feeling walking out onto the stage and seeing a full room.

If you don’t have tickets and would like to come along, please do. It’s the country Roots and Rock show with two of my best friends, Luke Dickens and Kristy Cox at the Capitol Theatre at 2pm. 

Don’t forget about the Cavalcade tomorrow. I’ll be on my hair and makeup sponsor’s float (Jess and James Hair and Makeup) and I’ve recorded a special song for the event with an Australia Day flavour. 

I best get going to my Target instore where I’m going to sing a few new songs. Can’t wait.

– Aleyce Simmonds

Day Seven:

Aleyce Simmonds.

Aleyce Simmonds.

Well, what a week it has been.  It was lovely to meet lots of people at the Telstra Road to Discovery at TRECC on Tuesday night who said they have been reading my column every day. Thank you.

We had a band rehearsal at my house last night for our show at the Capitol Theatre. Everything is sounding great and I can’t wait for all coming to the show to hear the new songs I’m showcasing from my new album. 

Kristy Cox and Luke Dickens are two of my favourite artists so I love touring with them. It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all.

We popped into the Inland Cafe to see incredibly talented artist Marie Larkin creating some masterpieces yesterday. She’ll be there every day so please go in and say hi. 

It made the festival a whole lot better for me seeing Melody Pool win the song writers section of the Telstra Road to Discovery on Tuesday night. 

Melody is one of the most beautiful and exciting singer songwriters I have ever heard. It was such a proud moment for me to see her deliver an absolutely flawless performance and then take the prize.


Can you believe we're now more than half way through the festival? 

It seems as an artist that we work towards the Tamworth Country Music Festival all year - and then it's over in a heartbeat.

Besides jotting my notes and news for The Leader update columns this year, I've been having a great time roving reporting for radio station 92.9. 

I meet people from all over the world. Music lovers, music makers looking for their lucky break in Tamworth, friends, celebrities and MORE!I'll never forget the way I used to feel as a little girl wandering the streets of Tamworth and hearing all the buskers, seeing the bands in the windows of all the bars and hoping that one day I too could have my own band and songs and make my dream a reality

.I must admit (and I hope I'm not alone in thinking this) that as a little girl with stars in my eyes I never thought it would take so much hard work, belief and sacrifice to succeed in a chosen career path but as I've come to realise over the years, anything worth having is worth fighting for.I don't think it matters what you want to be or do in life, you can make it happen. NO dream is too big!

 As my friend John Muller from Tamworth wrote to me yesterday - "The harder you work, the luckier you get" - how true.This afternoon I'm headed to the Goodies to see Dan Conway's double EP launch. I heard the demos a few months ago and they sounded so great, I cried happy tears.Don't forget to grab your tickets for the Amber Lawrence show Thurs day at Blazes. Amber is one of my best friends but I mean it honestly that she puts on the best live show I've ever seen. 

The combination of the great songs, beautiful voice and dynamic show make it a Festival must-see for me! (I may be singing a tune too, you never know).And to catch up too on a few early days - my first weekend was a blast. We raised about $10,000 for Ronald McDonald house at the Country in the Vines and the organisers confirmed the event will run next year too. The inaugural Country Music Cocktails event was fantastic - we mingled with fans and friends while enjoying songs from about 20 artists like Jade Holland, Kaylens Rain, Peter McWhirter, O'Shea, Jetty Road, Kristy Cox, Luke Dickens and Paul Costa. We had surprise visits from artists too like Jasmine Rae. It was an awesome event. I showcased a brand new song from my new album. And I played lawn bowls too in the artists versus the mayor's game. And last night was the Telstra Road to Discovery night and its big 10 year celebration. I can't believe it has been 10 years since Jessica Mauboy won and nine years since I won. Wow! It started everything for me.I hope you're all getting out to see lots of great music! One of the things I love the most about Tamworth is that there is something here for EVERYONE to love and enjoy (Even if you don't like country music.... Which is CRAZY!).Hope you have a great day today and enjoy the biggest festival in the Southern Hemisphere! How lucky are we?Aleyce x


Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the festival so far and keeping cool! Had a great day on Saturday. I co-hosted Festival FM in the new FanZone tent; you should all check out the air-conditioned comfort. 

There are artists performing there during the days, too. It’s always one of my favourite parts of the festival, showcasing some of my very talented friends. 

I met some awesome people while doing live crosses for 2TM and FM92.9 on Saturday. 

While walking down Peel St I ran into an X-Factor celebrity. Do you remember Justin? He’s in town recording an album and you can catch him at a show this festival. 

The people you meet down Peel St. Over the years I’ve met people from all over the world and made friends for life.

Better leave you lovely people and get ready for Country in the Vines – should be a great day. 

Fantastic line-up faor a great cause. I’m going to be late.

I’ll see you here again 



DAY TWO: Wow! Our favourite time of the year is finally here!! I'm so excited that the Northern Daily Leader asked me to write a column again this year! I had so much fun last year writing 'Pieces of Aleyce'. I'm feeling all Carrie Bradshaw again!

As I type this, I'm sitting in Jess and James hair and makeup getting my hair done for the opening concert in the park (that was last night)!

The opening concert is always one of my favourite parts of the festival. Very nerve-racking. I sang a brand new song that I've written as part of my new album and the first song I ever recorded- something old and something new.

It's just the best feeling driving into my hometown and feeling the buzz of music and excitement everywhere. Is anyone else as excited as me? Ahhhhh!

I'm heading out to 'Country in the Vines' at Kitty Crawford today, such a great event for a fantastic and important cause - Ronald McDonald House. Can't wait to have a nice glass of wine in the vines while raising lots of money.

Please check in everyday to read Pieces of Aleyce. I'm hoping to get out and see lots of great music this year, maybe discover some new talent and most of all, have lots of fun!

Soooo happy to be home. Tamworth is the best place in Australia.. During festival time, it's the best place in the WORLD! (I'm not biased AT ALL)

I look forward to seeing you here Monday!

Aleyce xx


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