Some pedestrians are acting recklessly on busy roads

I AM extremely concerned that somebody may be badly injured following recent changes to NSW road rules.

These recent changes give pedestrians right-of-way over motor vehicles, and unfortunately the new rules are already resulting in many near accidents across Tamworth.

Spending most of the day instructing learner drivers around town, I am alarmed that many pedestrians are taking the recent changes literally – with an alarming number of people no longer seeking pedestrian crossings, but walking out into busy traffic and expecting drivers to give way – particularly at the city’s multitude of roundabouts.

Only yesterday, several young drivers under my instruction were forced to give way to people who, in my opinion, were acting dangerously and recklessly by walking out into busy roads and expecting to have right of way over cars travelling at 50-60km/h.

In one particularly scary experience, an elderly man on a gopher mobility device drove straight out onto Marius Street, causing the young driver under my instruction to brake heavily in order to avoid a collision.

I have written to Roads Minister Duncan Gay expressing my concerns about the recent changes, and suggesting that a review into the new rules may be appropriate to ensure pedestrians take appropriate care before walking into traffic. 

It is becoming increasingly important to watch every person on or near the edge of local roads, 

as they can be in front of your car before you are aware they intend moving.

With thousands of visitors arriving in Tamworth during January, it is critical that motorists are aware that increasing numbers of pedestrians may endanger themselves and car drivers through reckless actions.

Please slow down, and expect pedestrians to do something stupid on our Tamworth roads. That way you will hopefully be able to react in time when somebody recklessly steps out in front of your car.


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