Tamworth Country Music Festival 2013 begins

IT's about the music, the festival vibe, the good times and it's Day one already.

The Northern Daily Leader will keep you up to date with all things related to the 41st festival.

Of course we want your contributions and feedback. 

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In the meantime, click the photo above to check out some photos and here's some reading to keep you busy ... 

* Best of the Fest photo competition: We're looking for the best, brightest and most creative photos of the 2013 Tamworth Country Music Festival from Leader readers and there's some great prizes up for grabs! Full story here

* All-stars show to help the Red Cross, bushfire victims: Country  stars are always keen to help out where they can and, at this year’s festival, they’re keen to assist the victims of bushfires across Australia. Full story here

Just days to go now festival-lovers ...

Just days to go now festival-lovers ...

* Tamworth music festival is an economic boost to region: State  Tourism Minister George Souris is encouraging music lovers and tourists to head to Tamworth to experience and enjoy the 41st Tamworth Country Music Festival. Full story here

* Favourites lead festival ticket charge: Troy Cassar-Daley, The McClymonts and John Williamson are leading the charge for ticketed shows at the festival so far, with Colin Buchanan also selling well. Full story here

* More police on the Tamworth festival beat: Tamworth's thin blue line will dramatically increase from tomorrow, with about 250 police officers on duty for the Country Music Festival, which starts on Friday. Full story here

* Busker Rex stakes his claim: Music is ringing through the streets of Tamworth, as the city gears up for the 41st Toyota Country Music Festival. Full story here

* Fans can get up-close in the zone: Country fans will be able to get more up-close-and-personal with their favourite artists at the new Toyota FanZone. Full story here

* Our Queen and Princess kick off Tamworth Country Music Festival 41: This year’s version of the annual Tamworth country music bash that doubles the size of the city and creates music heaven for the most fanatical of fans – kicks off today with the first official program events. Full story here

* Staying for the Tamworth Country Music Festival: A spur-of-the-moment decision saw West Australians Cynthia and Mike Ede spend Christmas in Tamworth and they’re staying for the festival. Full story here

* Fans set up early on Riverside: Riverside camp grounds for the 2013 Country Music Festival officially opened yesterday. Full story here