Who do we like most? Perth personalities Face off

Angela Tsun is the most popular Perth TV personality on Facebook, with 815 likes
Angela Tsun is the most popular Perth TV personality on Facebook, with 815 likes

People tune in each day to see Angela Tsun and Susannah Carr on TV, but when it comes to Facebook, it's the pages created by fans to celebrate local eccentrics and popular sports stars that WA likes the most.

It's the parallel Perth world in which The Crazy Aussie Flag Bike Lady is more likable than beauty queen Scherri-Lee Biggs and top-rating radio personalities who readily embrace social media, barely rate in comparison.

A further look at WA's social media spectrum reveals how vote-winning reality TV darlings Johnny Ruffo and Samantha Jade are so popular hundreds of Facebook fan pages have been created - but headline-grabbing state treasurer Troy Buswell's only popular pages are those that call for his dismissal.

Overall, however, you might be surprised by who, in the words of Ruffo, comes out On Top.

Channel Seven's stalwart newsreading team Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr might win the TV ratings almost every night, but they notch up just 86 "Likes" between them - or 129 if including the 43 likes for a page called Rick Ardon's Voice - on Facebook.

Man-about-town Basil Zempilas, often referred to as "Mr Perth", was more popular than both of them, but even he accumulated just a sixth of the 815 likes for TV's weather girl Angela Tsun, who recently left Channel Nine to replace Natalia Cooper at Channel Seven.

For Channel Nine and Ten personalities, Facebook fan or community pages were mostly non-existent.

But none of the most likable personalities can beat the pages that poke fun at Perth's presenters.

A page devoted to The Sexual Tension Between Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr has 132 likes, meanwhile the Id [sic] let Angela Tsun give me a private weather report any day again puts Tsun out in front with 885.

But joke pages or not, it's those pages for Perth sportsmen that garner the most likes.

Boxing champ Danny Green tops the list with over a quarter of a million likes on his official page and Yallingup surfer Taj Burrow's official page scores almost 45,000.

A page set up in honour of Nic Naitanui racks up more than 12,000 likes, with Ben Cousins just behind him. The Dockers' Matthew Pavlich is almost on 5,000.

Former Fremantle player Shaun McManus was the only host from his Nova 93.7 breakfast trio Nathan, Nat and Shaun to garner his own fan page; scoring 103 likes.

The AFL players aren't immune to the joke pages either; almost 100 fan pages for Ben Cousins turn up everything from Ben Cousins caught kissing Miley Cyrus to Ben Cousins Is A W--ker.

Meanwhile both Matthew Pavlich and John Worsfold have pages dedicated to having statues erected in their honour.

In the entertainment stakes, Balcatta's singing, dancing "slashie" teen heartthrob Jonny Ruffo easily wins with 76,000 likes on his official page and more than 100 pages dedicated to him - including Dumping your boyfriend because he's not Johnny Ruffo.

Fellow The X Factor graduate Samantha Jade's official page scrapes in with half that amount with 36,000 likes.

Perth's Miss Universe offerings proved popular; five pages for Scherri-Lee Biggs have more than 6,000 likes between them (the most popular page reaching over 3,000 likes) and Renae Ayris' six fan pages reach almost 6,500 fans (with her official page reaching over 5,000).

There are even two extra seemingly personal pages for Biggs that are collecting friends, while she now actually uses a separate account with a fake name.

When compared to the glitz and glamour of beauty pageants, Perth's high-profile business and political personalities were never going to fare well.

Gina Rinehart did notch up over 2,500 on her main page, but almost forty other pages created for her include The awkward moment when someone says they like Gina Rinehart.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Premier Colin Barnett won less than 300 likes between each of their main community pages and the most popular page created for Colin's mate Troy Buswell was Troy Buswell MUST GO with 120 likes. Mr Buswell's community page has just 39 likes.

But if Perth's politicians want to boost their social media profiles ahead of election time then perhaps they should look to some of the real people of WA that catch many Facebook user's attention.

Pages for The Crazy Aussie Flag Bike Lady that Sings to Construction Sites in Perth and For everyone who knows the hairy guy that rides on Wanneroo Rd are each heading towards 5,000 Facebook likes.

Facebook likes - how they stand:

Danny Green 275,646 (Official)
Johnny Ruffo 76,766 (Official)
Taj Burrow 44,392 (Official)
Samantha Jade 36,575 (Official)
Nic Naitanui 12,068
Ben Cousins 11,913
Renae Ayris 5,606 (Official)
For everyone who knows the hairy guy that rides on Wanneroo Rd 4,843
The Crazy Aussie Flag Bike Lady that Sings to Construction Sites in Perth 4,734
Matthew Pavlich 4,693
Scherri-Lee Biggs 3,179
Gina Rinehart 2,638
Mark Harvey 2,337
John Worsfold 1,006
Lucy Durack 844
Angela Tsun 815
Steve Hooker 644
Colin Barnett 216
Basil Zempilas 132
Shaun McManus 103
Lisa Scaffidi 72
Rick Ardon 71
Natalia Cooper 40
Troy Buswell 39
Dixie Marshall 22
Susannah Carr 15
Dennis Commetti 8

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