Men of courage and principle a delight

I WAS impressed lately with the way Malcolm Turnbull spoke at the Woodford Folk Festival, and it reminded me of how I felt a few months ago, after watching a TV programme in which NSW independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor sat side by side and answered questions put to them by various press representatives.

It was a feeling of sheer relief to hear two politicians simply answering questions politely, thoughtfully and without the (oh, so usual) prevarication. 

I’m not heavily into politics, but I like to think I’m reasonably intelligent, and to listen to (all three of) these representatives of the people was an absolute pleasure – I’d almost call it a delight! 

Aside from their obvious sincerity, it seems to me that Messrs Oakshott and Windsor are men of courage and principle, who, knowing their decision to support the Labor party would anger and disappoint some in their own constituents, stood by their own high standards to do what they considered to be in the best interests of their country, and risked their personal “careers” in the process. 

Parliamentary debate has, sadly, “gone down the drain” in many ways, and I would like to thank all these men for raising the bar.




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