Aloisi fumes at refs as Heart clings to victory

MELBOURNE Heart boss John Aloisi accused referee Alan Milliner of losing control of a dramatic game on Sunday night which his side won 3-2 over Brisbane Roar.

Milliner had sent off Heart striker David Williams with 23 minutes of the game remaining. It was a significant decision that had a major impact on a game in which Roar staged a frenzied comeback that netted it two goals and almost an unlikely leveller.

Aloisi had no qualms about the red card, which he said was an understandable call.

Instead he was incensed by a number of calls made which, he said, had stopped the flow of the game and left players confused and unsure of what they could do. Roar coach Mike Mulvey's main complaint was against the assistant referee who allowed Heart's second goal to stand despite the fact that scorer Josip Tadic looked a long way offside.

Aloisi said: ''There were some times he was giving a yellow card … then he gives someone else a yellow card for no reason. Then he starts to lose control, giving little cheap fouls. It helped Brisbane get back into the game today.''

Mulvey said: ''When you get given a goal that's three yards offside, it really deflated us a little bit. I just know what the linesman said to me as I asked him about it [Tadic's goal]. He said he was sorry. I said, 'Mate, that was clearly offside, wasn't it?' and he said, 'Yeah, I'm sorry'.''

Aloisi added that inconsistency of decisions this season had caused problems for his and other teams, saying his teenage winger Ben Garuccio had been brutally fouled and forced to miss a month over an incident in which no red card had been issued.

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