Many people don’t know who to vote for

IT IS refreshing to hear that Queensland’s Newman administration has put non-compulsory voting on the agenda.

This has caused a lot of angst amongst certain sectors of the political community.

Some of the top-flyers are hotly opposed to people being given the right to stay at home and not vote on election day. 

I think that we should have non-compulsory voting all across Australia.

A lot of people have no idea who to vote for, as they take little interest in the finer details of politics, and don’t know what the various political parties’ policies are.

People go blindly to the polling booth because they will get fined if they don’t.

If voting was voluntary, then those who took an interest would be the ones to cast a vote. An informed electorate is just what the major parties don’t want.

Compulsory voting works to the advantage of the major parties and they know it.

Lets hope the Newman administration will indeed bring in non-compulsory voting, but we can be assured there will be much resistance to the idea from the big-end-of-town politics.




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