Multi-level parking for Tamworth hospital

CONGRATULATIONS to Tamworth on the addition of an oncology unit which is much needed by the people of the North West and indeed the whole state, and a big thank you to all the hard work contributed by our politicians and members of the community.

Hospitals employ many people including health professionals, doctors, nurses, administration staff, cooks, cleaners, security, tradesmen and these staff and the hospital’s patients can come from anywhere at any given time. Along with patients come loved ones, family, friends, sometimes young people having a baby or elderly in times of sickness or accident.

I recently had reason to visit the Tamworth hospital on a regular basis and would like to bring to issue the car parking situation that exists and could be remedied, as all would agree, with the addition of a multi-level car park.

I witnessed elderly people, asthma sufferers, young families and people with mobility issues firstly, struggling to find a park and secondly, walking up a rather steep hill to get into the front door (puff, puff). 

We also have staff and doctors coming and going at all hours of the day and night and their vehicles are often left exposed to the elements as they are during the summer heat or winter cold, not to mention their personal security.

I, for one, think the time has come to put plan to paper and erect a multi-level car park, complete with lifts and level walkways, as it is much needed and it would be an asset to us all, as well as helping hospital staff and visitors to have easier access.

If it was properly managed it would continue to give the hospital a healthy cash flow.




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