People using guns need to be educated 

THE shocking murders in America are the end result of raising kids to be assassins. They are raised on violent movies, and games where the answer to problems, as depicted, is to hunt and kill in violent murders where each shot has heads and body parts exploding across the screen.

These are what most kids in Australia watch as well. I see parents playing these appalling bloody and brutal games with their children, who become desensitised into thinking that cruelty and violence is the accepted way to solve problems. So many American films are saturated with violence depicting a violent society, including violence in kids’ films.  

Every year we have more people killed on roads than with guns in Australia; do we ban cars and close roads, or use education?

I grew up on a farm and used guns to control the rabbit plague where hundreds of rabbits were everywhere. I have sadly had to put-down sick or injured animals. I have had to kill aggressive attacking snakes and other animals. As a farmer’s trade-tool, we shoot animals for food we eat.

I asked then prime minister John Howard to name five criminals who have handed in their guns. I could name 20 law-abiding citizens who did. So, out of ignorance, he ignored me. 

Guns are like vehicles, they are used as a tool. They in themselves are not the problem, it is the lack of education of the people using them that makes them dangerous, just like the kitchen knife.




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