The power of the people’s petro-dollar

While reading the story in Saturday’s The Northern Daily Leader about the high cost of fuel in Tamworth I found it interesting to note that it was only a couple of weeks ago that another story about the fuel rip-off was published.

What did it achieve?  Zzzzzzzero.

The greedy fuel companies will keep the cost high because the car drivers in town are not willing to boycott the service stations.

Don’t just read the results in the paper and do nothing. Tell one servo, and only one, that if it drops the price by 10c a litre then everyone in town uses only that station, watch the others after a week of no fuel sales come to the party. Use people power. Put signs up on all the highways telling drivers of the station boycotts and why it is on.

The fuel venders need a shake-up to bring an end to this blatant rip- off.

It is not because of no competiton that the fuel rip-off is going on. How come from Brisbane to Glen Innes on the New England Highway, with no other stations for kilometres, one can get fuel at 37c a litre cheaper. No competition for them, and it’s miles further for the transport of the fuel to be delivered to the service station. 

Another excuse used to cover the cost of fuel in Tamworth.

If they can sell fuel cheaper in Glen Innes, why not here?




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