Exception to council employee’s remarks

I draw your attention to a little story on page 14 of The Northern Daily Leader on Saturday, December 22. 

A Greg Tory, apparently employed by the Liverpool Plains Shire Council, has said, according to the story, that the community (Willow Tree residents) was using the water supply faster than it could be produced.

The story also advises that restrictions had been introduced, but residents had largely failed to adhere to them.

On a mid-week day last week we found an A4 document shoved into our security door. The document was in black and white, with a black and white simile of the LPSC letter head. This threatening letter said that water restrictions would take place immediately, among other information dealing with times and fines. That document was not signed, nor did it contain any date when this threat would begin.

We have a vegetable garden that has to be watered and we water it. At no time have we noticed a fall off in the pressure from the town water supply we use.

 I take exception to the remarks of this council employee, on behalf of all Willow Tree residents whose rates pay his wages. Imagine what rot will emanate from a local council if they are given any extra power by recognition in the Constitution. 

There are other ways to get citizen approval for future large increases in water usage costs.




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