Focus on the issues affecting our region

I write in reply to member for New England Tony Windsor’s “soapbox” published in your publication on December 22.

This attack reminds me very much of the tactics the Labor Party used when I announced my nomination for The Nationals. Labor made a number of false claims about my conduct which went nowhere because they had no basis in truth.

Now Tony Windsor is letting down the people of New England by indulging in abuse, smear and innuendo and also making claims that are not true. I have no intention of using similar tactics which I despise,, nor of responding to Tony’s vicious personal attacks. The people of the New England deserve better. 

Tony would be better advised to stop taking guidance in personal abuse from the Labor Party and focus on the issues affecting our region in the lead up to the federal election. He should tell us about the policies he would advance and support in the next parliament. 





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